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While the rest of genre catches up, the Southern region and West Coast have mastered the art of independence in Hip Hop. So much so an artist like Gizzle McFly saw it as the standard approach. While hailing from Richmond, California, Gizzle also has roots in Seattle Washington. Arguably the cornerstones of the Indy hustle. Producing industry shifters such as Master P and Nirvana. This alone would speak to Gizzle’s boundless artistic approach.


That same approach has led Gizzle to release an abundant and diverse catalog independently. Starting with his debut “Gizzle Tucker Must Die” in 2012. Later that same year, Gizzle followed that up with a collaborative project. The “Purple Reign Mixtape” with Bay Area artist Mr.Sef. In the same year McFLy would release his second solo project. “South Richmond: Story Of Gizzle Lamp” in November of 2012. The album featured appearance by Cousin Fik of Sick Wid’ It Records and production from Syko. Syko is famous for smash hit Thizzle Dance and Boss Tycoon from the late Mac Dre. 


In 2013 Gizzle released his third solo album "Magnum G.I.”. Serving as his most successful release up till then, "Magnum G.I.” received rave reviews for the formatting and structure comprised by McFly, to be received as a sitcom. The Intro being titled “The Pilot” and the closing track titled “Credits”. He’d continue this theme with in 2014 with “Spark Some Recreations” featuring his “Figure 8” single, produced by Syko. Gizzle would not stop there, 2014 would also feature a five track EP rooted in cinema “Tom Shep”. 


2015, Gizzle would continue to showcase not only his work ethic, but his knowledge for where the industry was headed. Content being king, but quality consistency would set him apart. No case is more apparent then yet another cinema inspired film, McFly’s album “Office Space: The LBR Reports”.  He took 2016 to build and open the doors on his own barbershop. Not having stopped recording allowed for him to enter 2017 with a bang with the release of “Damp Socks & Stale Cereal”. On there McFly showcases his songwriting ability, his range and why he’ll be around and be a sound shaping artist for years to come. 


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