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Hailing from Richmond, California, and Seattle, Washington, Gizzle McFly has become a veteran of independent Hip Hop. Drawing inspiration from the Southern region and West Coast's mastery of autonomy, Gizzle has crafted an extensive and diverse catalog that showcases his boundless artistic approach.

In 2012, Gizzle made his debut with "Gizzle Tucker Must Die" and followed it up with the collaborative mixtape "Purple Reign" with Mr. Sef. The same year, he released his second solo project, "South Richmond: Story Of Gizzle Lamp," featuring Cousin Fik and production by Syko. 2013 brought "Magnum G.I.," praised for its sitcom-like structure. He continued his creative exploration in 2014 with the cinematic EP "Tom Shep" and the album "Spark Some Recreations."

Gizzle's understanding of the industry's direction led him to release "Office Space: The LBR Reports" in 2015, showcasing his commitment to content and quality consistency. In 2017, he returned with "Damp Socks & Stale Cereal," highlighting his songwriting ability and range.

Throughout his career, Gizzle has consistently pushed boundaries and demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit. His releases include the 2019 EP "Triple Jump," the 2020 projects "Black Zack Morris: To The Max" and "Return Game," the 2021 EP "Expired Transfers," and the most recent EP, "F.A.F.O.," in May 2023.

Gizzle McFly's relentless work ethic and commitment to delivering quality music, fearlessly shaping the industry with his unique talent and passion.

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